Established in 1945, originally to repair and service agricultural and construction equipment, Strickland Tracks have continuously grown and evolved with the times, transitioning from a specialist service centre to the worldwide manufacturer it is today; with the capability to design and engineer a solution to meet your needs in a modern, forward thinking environment.


With an extensive and ever evolving product range that has the ability to support machine applications across multiple business segments, built at our Global manufacturing locations in UK, China and India, and with a global network of aftermarket support, Strickland is well positioned to support customers around the world.


Strickland Tracks are continuing to expand into new applications, adapting quickly to engineer a solution for any tracked undercarriage requirement, utilising lean principles and advanced Business Management Systems including ISO9001/2015 & ISO14001/2015, ensuring we remain agile to support our customers in an ever-changing world.  With an extensive stocking policy that enables us to react and support customers with flexible and secure supply of product that is field test proven as a recognised industry leader.


Enhancing our position within the market, as of early 2020 Strickland became part of the USCO ITR Group  USCO are a world-wide leading manufacturer and supplier of OEM parts to the global earthmoving machinery industry, with 15 production sites and over 50 distribution centres located across all 5 continents.