Established in 1945, originally to repair and service agricultural and construction equipment, Stricklands have continuously grown and evolved with the times, developing from a specialist service centre through to a manufacturing unit and onwards to the Stricklands of today; with the capability to design and engineer a solution to meet your needs in a modern, forward thinking environment.

Stricklands remain an engineering company at heart, with a huge wealth of experience, not only in tracked undercarriages, but throughout the industries we supply. Strickland’s owners since 2006, the O’Neill Manufacturing Group have crushing, screening and recycling at its very core, further strengthened by employing the best people from within the industry.
To satisfy our growing Global demand, we established strategic bases in the USA and Asia. First in Virginia, with Strickland MFG LLC in 2012, quickly followed in 2013 by Wuxi Strickland Tracks in China. Our Indian base was established in 2015 completing the current quartet. Today Stricklands are expanding into new applications, adapting quickly to engineer a solution for any tracked undercarriage requirement utilising lean principles and an advancing Business Management System.